Since early 2013, we searched everywhere for the highest quality of Taste, Texture, and Chew in dried meats (Jerky). We shopped local Farmers' Markets to parts known and unknown, corporate & family brands, in search of the perfect blends of herbs & spices to make our very own premium brand of beef jerky. After years of searching, and tampering with new & different ingredients, Astro Jerky, was born into existence. During our quest, we stumbled upon a family recipe that was created in the late 1980's.

Dried meats (Ch'arki), has been known as an ancient form of nourishment, for journeymen and travelers throughout history and time. We were surprised in finding how hard it was in achieving that special blend of herbs & spices that faired well with our demanding bellies. Now equipped with the perfect recipe and amazing team, we decided to set up shop in Los Angeles, California to begin our journey.

We know the competition is stiff, but based on our mission to provide premium quality jerky that excels in Taste, Texture, and Chew...we are confident that one bite is all it takes! With our online store, we encourage our customers to leave constructive criticism for the betterment of our services. We'll evaluate all your wants & opinions, for the need of creating new & exciting varieties of jerky and jerky flavors. Astro Fresh Jerky is here to provide customers with the best experience possible, because without you, there is no Us.

Customers can e-mail us directly through our provided contacts or on any social media platforms that we are associated with. We also have a space within our website that's specifically tailored for customers comments. Our Astro Blog, is a place where customers can socially congregate, together, and with members of the Astro Team. Discussion topics can range anywhere from the creation of new jerky flavors to planning upcoming social events & gatherings.

Astro Fresh Jerky Company, doesn't have a board of directors, but is a family operated business.
We look forward to communicating with you and are excited for the journey ahead.
We are a family run business.. With a family recipe.. To serve all families... Or just you... but share, there's plenty to go around!


Sincerely, Astro Jerky Family & Friends.